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A washer dryer combo, is specially designed so that it can fit into a smaller space, as compared to the space taken by both a stackable washer and dryer and a side by side washer dryers. The washer and dryer, being an amazing piece of washing machine technology, you dry and wash within the same machine. A washer and dryer combo is a single machine that does the job of two. Just imagine how much time and effort you save by simply dropping dirty clothes in the machine, turn a switch, and take out clean and dry clothes in less than an hour.

Washer dryer combos have been popular in Europe and the Far East for many years; due to the small apartments and living spaces common in these areas, compact Washer Dryer Combolaundry appliances were developed to conveniently fit the smaller spaces. Some washer and dryer combo machines have a portability option, offering even more choice for placement and use of the unit. Washer dryers bring together washing and drying functions in the same machine, convenient if you are looking to save space. Their reputation of being a more fragile or less reliable machine is largely untrue.

Washer Dryer Combo Features

Combo washer dryers do take up less space than individual units but they come with a price. Not only financially are they heftily priced, but often they’re non-vented when it comes to drying. This is not as much as in issue nowadays with kitchens being vented for appliances such as kitchen range hoods. Combos use a front load washing design that utilizes a horizontal axis drum. This eliminates the agitator common to top load washers. If ventilation is a problem then it is possible to purchase a ventless washer dryer combo. The dryer aspect of a washer dryer functions as a condensing dryer.

Washing draped over every radiator is not doing much for our style credentials, either, so hurrah for a washing machine with a built-in tumble dryer. Washer-dryers on the whole do not perform as well as separate appliances, but if you only have room for one laundry machine in your life, they do make things easier. A washer dryer combo units tend to be smaller than traditional laundry sets, simply because they are designed to take up as little space as possible. Standard models come in two sizes: 24 inches or 27 inches, which translates to loads of anywhere between 11 to 22 pounds of clothing, depending on model and manufacturer.

Set up requires access to a faucet with cold water and a drain. Washing clothes, and tumble drying clothes, are two totally separate jobs, which need different sized drums. In order to wash clothes effectively, the clothes need to rub against each other. The LG washer dryer combo is a popular make but they are also made by some of the top brands including Summit, Ariston and Frigidair but before taking delivery or carting off your appliance make sure it works as they can be susceptible to moving around.

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